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Stephanie Dauman


Stephanie Dauman Actress

Ethereal. Capable. Sophisticated.

Stephanie Gates Dauman is a New York based actor appearing in films, television, and theater. She is your typical old-fashioned idealist who often finds herself listening to 1930s swing music and yearning to be transported back to another era. Although Stephanie often is cast as the young, Upper East Side socialite or the passionate junior attorney, she always loves playing women who are driven by the strength of their convictions to pursue hope and beauty in the world,. 


Stephanie received her B.A. in Political Science from Vanderbilt University’s College of Arts and Science and studied theater and vocal performance extensively while there. Involved in the arts from a young age, she has received years of instruction in acting, classical ballet, piano, and voice. Recent credits include roles on primetime network television and in downtown New York theater. She enjoys collaborating with other like-minded artists, writers, and producers to create films and staged productions, particularly in the faith and family-based markets.

Stephanie lives in Manhattan, where she spends her time auditioning, performing, and continually working on her craft. She is also a passionate member of the non-profit community and an active volunteer.

Stephanie Dauman
Stephanie Dauman, Jean-Patrick Simeon Hurlyburly
Stephanie Dauman
Stephanie Dauman Actress
Stephanie Dauman
Stephanie Dauman

Stephanie Dauman Actor Reel

Stephanie Dauman Commercial Sample



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